Burger & Tortilla

The intimate duo Burger & Tortilla combines softness and sensitivity with folk and Latin American sounds in their compositions.

In English or Spanish, the voice is alternately caressing, set on delicate arpeggios, then more enveloping, rooted in more rhythmic chords. A colourful duo, all in complicity and smiles, their desire is to touch you straight to the heart…

“We compose most of our songs together, but some texts are offered by authors close to our artistic universe, especially the titles in Spanish”.

In 2016 Isabel (Tortilla) leaves the Trocadero’s revue (Liège) in which she has been singing for 6 years. Emerson (Burger) leaves the band Pestifer (2 albums on label; 3 tours in Europe) where he has been composing and playing the guitar to dedicate himself to a new acoustic project: “Burger & Tortilla” was born.

The duo materialises its complicity in a folk way tinted with the colours of Latin America, Spanish guitar obliges. With a guitar nourished by the rhythms of Abel Fleury as well as Merle Travis and a voice somewhere in between Anneke Van Giersbergen and Luz Casal, connoisseurs will recognise their taste for jazz and musicals printed on their costumes… As if Lewis Caroll’s mad hatter was camping in the Casa Azul workshop.